Divulgação informativa e cultural da Escola Secundária/3 Camilo Castelo Branco - Vila Real

quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2015

Selo Escola Amiga da Nutrição e Alimentação

As outras escolas que se destacaram também com este galardão:
                                 ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE PEDRO 
                                 ESCOLA BÁSICA 2,3 DIOGO CÃO

Imagem: Universidade FM

150 anos de Alice

Slender cylinders from white paper made My Wonderland
(a reality's satire)

On a nameless land, in the Autumn dawn,
I opened my eyes and soon I was found
Within a Beast howling its path
On a four wheel feet filled up with wrath;

Aside me a mirror of the open ground
In glances reflected an enchanted town
Where, as shining stars on the widower sky,
Eden was growing in shadows of blight;

The fast weeper Beast suddenly cessed
And opened its gates for me to left.
With trembling steps, so frightened was I,
I went down the Beast relieving a sigh;

Nearly I heard some shrilling guffaws
And turning my head to see who them caused
With youthful faces embracing no flaw
Multiple wingless Nymphs I saw!;

Hanging their mouth, while burning would fade
And deformed clouds taking no shame
Last kissing their lips to the wind escaped...;

Those lips, Oh!, so reddish were they
Roses would wither down on their way!
And so Nymphs eyes, envious, made born
Carmine wild roots to embellish they own;

I saw a creature running towards me,
A craterful Moon in his feet between,
And kicking the moon to run back at it
He said " Follow me the palace thou shall meet";

Running to try catching him up
Exclaimed I "Wait, are thou my only map
But answered he "Wait I must not
Late will us be if one of us stop!";

Non ever stopping, miles we had crossed
Until we stoned by walls dressed in moss
Said he " That is Nymphs Palace thou see
To go through the entrance thou must pay a fee

And then I fealt heavier than before
A force was pulling me down more, and more...
"Your shoulders now feel the knowledge's weight"
Told me my guide and the entrance we made;

Inside the palace I floated in wonders
Oh!, in walls written down were vows of lovers
Free madden letters were rainbow mirroring
Oh!, how many here were in love falling!;

"Hurry, our trip is nearly to end!"
Spoke loudly and hasty my newest friend
Yelled I "Oh no!, this land I leave not
It is the incarnation of the most beauteous thought!";

My yelled words soon became cursed:
Light went away, Darkness approached
The Boy of the Moon with warmth disappeared
And raging mad voices soon there appeared;

Laughing they barked to my both ears
My sins, my flaws, my major fears,
To drown my view eye rivers had born
Then a buzzer screamed without a warn;

Cried I "Leaving this land I demand!"
I closed my eyes and prayed for an end,
And then suddenly hushed was all the fuss
I opened my eyes, ended was the cuss...;

Around me my room, my land of wonder
I looked to the clock, sleep time was far over
Then exclaimed opening the door my room maid
"Rise up my child, The Beast is willing no wait!"

Sara Moura Carreta, 9ºB

My Wonderland

My Wonderland is simple and beautiful. I have never gone there yet but that’s one of the things I expect to do in my life. I’m talking about Italy. Italy is my strongest and eternal love. My love for this country is very strange because I can’t stop thinking about it. One day, I woke up and my heart whispered this word –Italy. I’ve been loving it since that day. I spend my day reading articles about Italy and that fascinates me. If we’re talking about Italy, we should talk about Rome too. I want to visit the whole Italy but Rome is just as fascinating. I’m super obsessed with Rome. Rome’s national anthem is so beautiful and catchy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Welcome to my wonderland.

Ana Nóbrega, 9ºB