Divulgação informativa e cultural da Escola Secundária/3 Camilo Castelo Branco - Vila Real

segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016


Sometimes it's like you can´t breathe
As much as you try
As much as you need
It seems that you´ll never be succeed.

You can feel something inside your heart
Not sure what it is
The only thing you know
Is that it tears you apart.

It gets worse everyday
You can feel the sadness in your veins
You start thinking about the pain
But please don´t let them take you away.

Red snow, Winterreise
Sad soul, poor thing
Can´t you see?
What have you become?

I still remember the day
you decided to leave
Since then
It´s a litttle bit more difficult to breathe.

Oh, but Red snow... Winterreise
The darknesss you became
They took your soul
And you left ... so easily.

Eva Oliveira, 10.º I

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