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quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2009

A Wonderful World

Every day we hear people talking about the problems of the environment and the biggest problems that we hear about is global warming. There are so many TV programmes, magazines, newspapers that talk about this problem.
Our planet is in danger, we need to save it and if we do that we are saving our selves.
Pollution makes the temperatures getting higher and because of that the glaciers and rivers are disappearing and the level of the sea is rising and we will be affected. We will drink our own poison.
The ice melting is like tears falling down of disappointment because of all the bad things we are doing to earth. And nobody listens, nobody cares, nobody is there to give support and dry the tears, our planet is getting weaker every day.
Now we still can breath, we still can go out, we still have food and water but there are many places where people have nothing or what they have isn’t enough.
It is all about money, the rich countries still don’t have the preoccupation of saving our planet. With people like that, how will the future be? How will the future generations survive? We have to start fighting now! We must recycle, start walking or using public transport, if we have the opportunity we should reuse and reduce the things we can.
The people that want to do something are the only voice that our planet has, so let them talk!

Inês Rodrigues – 11ºA

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