Divulgação informativa e cultural da Escola Secundária/3 Camilo Castelo Branco - Vila Real

quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009


He uses a uniform
He protects people
He has a gun
He arrests criminals

Francisca, nº 7, 9ºB

He uses a white uniform
He makes delicious bread
He works in a bakery

Filipa, nº 6, 9º B

She uses a white uniform
She takes care of sick people
She works in a hospital

Leandra, nº 11, 9º B

She travels a lot
She needs to speak many foreign languages
She should be beautiful and nice

Ana Margarida, nº1, 9ºB

He lives and works in the fields
He takes care of animals
He plants vegetables or fruit
He sells his products to the market

Rafael, nº20, 9ºB

He works with animals
He works in an animal hospital
He controls the quality of meat
UTAD has a very good course for this profession

Martim Monteiro, nº17, 9º B

He works with the justice
He defends people in court
He must have a law course
He is well paid

Tiago Grilo, nº 25, 9ºB

He uses a hammer
He works with iron
He makes metallic tools

Guilherme, nº 11, 9ºB

It’s a manual work
It is done in the street
It isn’t well paid
It isn’t an appealing job

Pedro Alves, nº18, 9ºB

He works in the sea
He works in boats
He has a hard work

João Teixeira, 9º C

With it we can write
Write and never erase
Write anywhere
Write in every place

Ana Queirós, 9º C

I usually cure patients
Therefore I studied a lot,
I also administrate meals
When people are ill and they cough

Pedro Baptista, 9º C

I arrest thieves
And with a whistle and a gun
I keep the city safe
Serve and protect it’s my duty

André Machado, 9º C

He dresses in red
To save is his desire
With a helmet and a hose
He can put out any fire

Guilherme Sousa, 9º C

Normally I play with the sun
And we have a lot of fun
I lay down in the clouds
Where I feel small
‘Cause I can see you all
From the highest point of the sky

Bárbara Vasconcelos, 9º C

What is the thing that was born big and dies little?

Beatriz, 9ºC

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